Advanced technology


Dentistry in the application of laser light is used as a coadiuvo of many branches of Dental Surgery, Endodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics and Orthodontics.

Its unique features allow to have a healing process faster and physiological.

LED light for whitening teeth

The so-called whitening (also known by the term bleaching) consists in applying on the tooth surface in a particular gel (the most used is based on hydrogen peroxide with a concentration between 20% and 35%) which activated by a particular LED or laser light, it releases oxygen.

This penetrating the microscopic spaces interprismatics enamel decomposes the molecules responsible in large part of the dental discoloration (dark pigmentation, stains, etc..), making the outer surface of the teeth whiter and brighter.

NO2 Sedation

This is an apparatus which, through a mask, disposable supplies under the control of a calibrated mixture Dentists and custom of oxygen and nitrous oxide that the patient sedation.

This technique is widely used in dentistry for children (Pedodontics). In fact the child is always awake and alert, but it’s like in a state of sleepiness: this involves a significant lowering of pain threshold and responsiveness, loss of sense of time and then the operator can intervene effectively without any stress for the patient. In addition, conscious sedation is absolutely no risk and no contraindications. As soon as the patient removes the mask in a few seconds back perfectly normal. In use for over twenty years and is often applied also for adults anxious with equal effectiveness. In the USA is often used to dull the pain of giving birth in the delivery room.

Surgery with Sonosurgery

The Sono Surgery is a tool based on the use of ultrasound technology, which vibrate at certain frequencies with spikes dedicated, can cut hard tissue such as bone and teeth (ex. In the case of complex tooth extractions of third molar) with a considerable reduction of invasiveness and traumatic in surgery.

It also allows perfect preservation and protection of soft tissues (the frequencies are calibrated only for cutting hard tissue and completely inactive if they touch the soft tissues) by promoting better healing.